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How do I check my card balance or my usage history?

  • Review receipt after a purchase with your SoGo card.
  • Log onto “My Account” view the balance and usage history on any registered card.
  • Call our 24/7 help desk at 888 345 7646 option 1.

How do I schedule automatic reloads for my card?

Choose “Auto Reload” under registered card options. We recommend under the Amount “load the exact amount of” under the frequency “Whenever card balance is less than”, with the threshold amount set at $15.00.

Enter your credit card information and billing address if different than the address on file. You will receive an email confirming each reload.

Once I have signed up for automatic reload, when can I expect the reloads to occur?

Your auto-reload settings occur in real time, prompted by the threshold amount you have chosen. For example, if you set your card to reload at $15.00, once your card balance drops below that amount, the reload request will be initiated. An email will confirm that the card has been funded.

How do I change/remove the credit card associated with my automatic reloads?

First suspend the automatic reload, the system will not allow changes to a credit card attached to a current reload.

Choose the box to suspend the automatic reload associated with that credit card and choose “Save Reload.”

Go to “Payment Options.” Add, delete, or update your credit card under “My Payment Card.”

Once payment card is updated or deleted, go to “SoGo Cash Card”, and click on “Auto Reload” and choose the option that best fits your needs. Remember to click “Submit”.

Can I suspend the automatic reload feature

Choose “Auto Reload” under the registered card options. Click the box to temporarily suspend the automatic reload associated with that card and choose “Submit.”

What happens if my SoGo Cash Card isn't used for an extended period of time?

If your card is not used for an extended period, the balance remains the same; no fees are applied to the card. To protect your balance, always register your card.

Do I pay sales tax on reloads?

No, we do not collect sales tax at the time your card is loaded with funds.