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I lost my SoGo Cash Card.

Do not delete the lost card from your account that will not prevent unauthorized use.

  • Pick up a new card and activate under the “Register New SoGo Cash Card Options”, and transfer the balance from the lost card to the new card.
  • If you are unable to pick up a new card, call our help desk and we will freeze the card balance preventing unauthorized use. If you did not register the card but have the card number, call our Customer Service Team Call at 1-888-345-7646 and provide them with the SoGo Cash Card number. We may review the balance and/or last three transactions on your card. This information is used to verify that you are the authorized owner of that card. We will move the balance to a new SoGo Cash Card.

Why was my SoGo Cash Card purchase declined at the cash register?

Either funds not available or the mag stripe is no longer working. Ensure the card has funds by reviewing your transaction history on the website. If the card has funds but still declines, pick up a new card and register the card to your account and transfer the funds from the non-working card to a new card.

I am no longer at a location where the SoGo Cash Card is accepted. Can I get the balance on my SoGo Cash Card refunded to me?

Your SoGo Cash Card must be registered to receive a refund.  Register using the "My Account" option. 

  • Do NOT unregister or delete your SoGo Cash Card from your account. If you have deleted it, please re-register your card.
  • Suspend automatic reload feature, if applicable, being sure to choose "Save" after checking the box to suspend reloads.
  • Do NOT delete your credit card information. We will need to process a refund.
  • Update your address, telephone number, and email address, be sure to choose "Update Account." (The address on the website must be your personal address; refunds cannot be mailed to a business address.) Failure to update this information will result in a delay of your refund.
  • Contact us at SoGoCashCard.USA@sodexo.com and provide the following information:
  • In subject line of email type: "SoGo Refund - Website" if you last loaded your card online. "SoGo Refund - At register" if you last loaded your card at the register. Name as it appears on your SoGo Cash Card account. Daytime phone number. SoGo Cash Card number, either 12 or 16-digit number. If your SoGo Cash Card was loaded online using a credit card, your refund will be processed within 3-5 business days to the last credit card. All other refunds will be made via check in approximately 3 weeks. SoGo Cash Card will inform you via email that your refund request has been processed.

I still haven’t found the answer to my question.

Please call our Customer Service Team at 1-888-345-7646. We will be happy to assist you.